Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wild Ones by Playdom Inc. - Hack(ing) To The End

Hello guys. You probably heard of me, if not, yet, I am Nathanial Wheeldon. You probably heard of me everywhere in the INTERNET by now because of these: facebook, gmail, youtube, our website: Xeko Entertainment, google, and yahoo!.

-By now, I play Wild Ones (via facebook; not!) regularly now, but because I play it more often than I didn't before, I knew a way to hack wild ones! I asked my fellow buddies on facebook who knew about the game and play it (or if not, used to.) They showed me how to do level hacking; as of today, I will give you eleven (11) easy steps on how to do level hacking, but before I do that, you will the following:
  • Wpe Pro (you can get it here for free:*
  • Hacking strategy (if you're a VERY good hacker, I mean SUPER VERY good hacker, you probably would get this hack to work! :D)
* Notice: If you get a warning that it says it's a "virus," disable all your anti-virus programs; not only that, Wpe Pro "DOES NOT" have viruses. Me, myself, and my hacking friends on Wild Ones use this to hack. I am not responsible for unacceptable behavior of abusing Playdom's system by hacking their game.
-And yes, hacking can get you banned, if their system doesn't ban you at all/if you get reported and they found out: "PLEASE, TAKE WARNINGS OF USING THIS HACK; I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. THANK YOU."

-Okay, time to put the steps out here: your browser wpe pro wild ones and click on target program on wpe pro n choose your browser
4.go to multi-player and start the game as your turn come n if u can kill someone only then click start button on wpe
6.after u have killed him then after 2 seconds click stop
7.after clicking stop search kill
8.right click on the highlighted tab send continuously
11.then click play in the window
-So if you do NOT believe me that it doesn't work, think again and try using the browser "Opera" before I start calling everyone "idiots" in the comments section because believe it or not, it works, I've tried it so many times; it's also very easy. Still glad that Playdom hasn't patched their game yet. If you don't get the steps, watch this video below and it will show you how to do so.
-Okay, now time for another hack; that my friend (personally) showed me when I first started to play this game (p.s. thanks to him. LOL.): "x99 Hack," but before I show you steps (this hack, I do believe is the VERY easiest hack in the game; no lie.), you will need as followed:
  • Cheat Engine (same thing here; download it free:
  • Novice Hacking Strategies (if you're a noob hacker, this is the "hack" for you, buddy)
-Steps here:
1. Open "Cheat Engine"
2. Go to Wild Ones (via facebook or on
3. Using Cheat Engine, select your browser (we recommend using Opera browser)
4. In Wild Ones, on the left panel, click "practice" (optional; you can use multi-player, but practice is easier: in practice mode, select 30+ minutes game time (or ten), 30+ seconds of turn time, then press "NEXT" on bottom-right in practice mode)
5. Select a weapon that has at least 10 ammo left (do not use your default missile weapon; it does not run out of ammo: grenade are best if you have plenty of them)
6. On Cheat Engine, Type in the amount of ammo, deselect "Hex" (Example: If I had 20 grenades, I would type that amount)
7. During practice game-play mode, throw (or shoot) (whatever weapon you choose) strike anywhere and now type in the amount you have now, and repeat til' you have one set code on the far-left side on Cheat Engine
8. On the far-right side, with one code, double click it so it can move down on the list
9. On the bottom, right-click that code and click "Find out what access's this address" and then click "OK"
10. During practice mode, shoot (or throw) (any weapon you choose except the default missile weapon) anywhere once more
11. Go back to Cheat Engine; the window that opened for you will have a code, something like this "mov [edx+50],eax"
12. Stay in Cheat Engine, click on "mov [edx+50],eax" and then click "Show Dissembler"
13. And then, it'll open up a new window, called "Memory Viewer"
14. In Memory view, go at top tabs, click "Tools>Auto Assemble;" it'll open up another window
15. In the "Auto Assemble" mode (window), click "Template," click "Code Injunction," click "OK"
16. Now, it'll fill the Auto Assemble window with all kinds of codes and stuff; with that, scroll all the way down til' you see where it says "original code"
17. And then, whereabouts, when it has the same code, something like this: "mov [edx+50],eax" edit that by removing "mov" and put in this: "add" where "mov" used to be, then where it says "eax," put in "99" where "eax" used to be
18. At bottom in same window, click "Execute" and then, click "yes" and "OK"
19. Close everything and go back to Wild Ones and in "weapon view" hover your mouse over any weapon by pressing, "shift+1, shift+2, shift+3," and so on
20. There ya' have it!*

*Note: x99 hack isn't permanent; as if, you leave the page, you have to do hack again; but I fear not, this is the easiest hack in the game. Who all agrees with me? :P

Here is the video that I recorded while I was doing the "level hack" thing (LOL):

--Everyone, I take credit for all my friends on facebook out there for the steps, videos, hacks, everything, ect. and I, myself for this blog; I am not responsible for other people hacking Wild Ones and getting banned, (that's if you get reported. These hacks are completely undetectable.)
Thanks guys,
much love,
~Nathanial Wheeldon

-Oh by the way, here is a short video on how to color hack (permanent) using Cheat Engine:
 Cheers! Also, videos are copyrighted by other people who posted them on youtube publicly.

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